I am running for re-election to the Redding City Council because I believe we have a brighter future in front of us. I am a business owner, veteran, father, husband, and mayor. I would be honored to serve you for another term.

I was born and raised on a farm in rural Nebraska and attended college in Michigan for two years. Shortly after September 11th, 2001, I joined the United States Air Force. Later, I went on to finish a bachelor’s degree at Simpson University using the GI Bill.

  • Father
  • Husband
  • Veteran
  • Business Owner
  • Simpson Graduate
  • Mayor

I met my beautiful wife Courtney at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California where she was serving in the Army.

I spent my active duty career serving at the Air Intelligence Agency in San Antonio, Texas. After active duty, I transferred directly into the California Air National Guard and received an honorable discharge from both services.

My wife and I knew that we wanted to settle near one of our families after our service in the military. Our choices were Redding, or going back to Nebraska. We decided to call Redding home. Fast forward and we now have two children, and are happy we made the decision to live in this beautiful community.

I have served on the city council since 2016, and now as Mayor. Prior to 2016, I served as chairman of both the Redding Electric Utility Commission and Community Services Advisory Commission. I currently serve on the Simpson University Board of Trustees, am a past president of the Redding School of the Arts Governing Board, and a past president of the Friends of Whiskeytown and the Active 20-30 Club.

I am an owner of Pacific Sky Creative, Inc. As a local business owner, I am familiar with the challenges and opportunities local businesses face.

My entire adult life has been in service to my country, my city, and my community. I want to continue that spirit of leadership service on the Redding City Council, and with your help I can. I remain committed to a safe and secure city with a thriving modern economy.

I would be honored to have your vote for a second term on the Redding City Council.

Please join me and vote for a brighter future.

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Civic Service

  • Past Chairman, Community Services Advisory Commission City of Redding
  • Past Chairman, Redding Electric Utility Commission City of Redding
  • Past President, Redding School of the Arts Governing Board


  • Graduate, Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Arabic School
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Organizational Leadership, Simpson University


  • Past President/Founding Member, Active 20-30 Club of Redding
  • Past President, Friends of Whiskeytown
  • Member, Simpson University Board of Trustees


  • Owner, Board of Directors Treasurer, Pacific Sky Creative, Inc.


  • Honorable Discharge, United States Air Force
  • Honorable Discharge, California Air National Guard



I have completed all of the promises I made four years ago, and I invite you to review my campaign website from 2016.

I will continue to represent you and your interests on the council, and would be honored to have your vote to serve another four-year term.

As we find ourselves in an uncertain time, I have remained consistent in my approach to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Keeping our residents safe and healthy, and also helping our struggling small business community survive the shutdowns. All of us have a part to play, and I could not be more proud of Redding and how we as a community have handled this extremely difficult time together.

Thirty Nine Million Dollar City Economic Response Package

Redding residents and businesses getting direct relief

  • Utility Credits for all Customers
  • Deferred Payments for residents and businesses with no interest
  • Small Business Grants


Police Stronger, More Proactive, Better Trained

Since I took office nearly four years ago, crime has continued to decrease year-over-year and proactive policing has more than doubled. Our police department answers more calls today and has more officers and personnel than they have in over a decade.

  • Response times reduced significantly, especially for Priority 1 Calls
  • Maintained the Neighborhood Policing Unit
  • Fully Reinstated the Community Service Officer Program
  • All Officers Certified in Crisis Intervention Training

Our Police Department has not been fully-staffed since before the recession, over a decade ago. Although we have made substantial progress, my commitment to you is to see our police department fully restored. Law and Order is my number one priority, and protection of life and property should be the expectation of every taxpayer.

Fire Stronger, Faster, Wildfire Ready

Today Redding has more firefighters than our City has ever had. We are currently in "year two" of a five-year plan to prevent any future catastrophic fires in Redding. Several of our fire stations now have 3-person crews for the fire engines, creating a higher standard of readiness for our residents and businesses.

  • 152 acres cleared and 10,325 trees trimmed
  • 12-person Wildfire Crew
  • 3 Firefighters per Engine at central Fire Stations

Although the Fire Department has more personnel than ever, it is my goal to get 3-person engine crews throughout the entire City and to see the five-year fire mitigation plan completed.


Business Redding is Open for Business!

Despite COVID-19, Redding is still experiencing tremendous growth. Many new projects are being built all over our City, with several large projects in our Downtown. I have always emphasized that Redding is "Open for Business," striving to partner with entrepreneurs and investors who want to help grow our City – and that work is paying off.

  • Made historic reductions in fees for new projects and streamlined approval processes
  • 550 affordable housing units currently in development/construction
  • $300 Million in new projects downtown, $700 Million citywide

Our City is growing fast and I will continue to fuel that momentum.

City Internet Utility Launching Redding into the 21st Century Economy

Since I was elected in 2016, I have been pursuing a new public utility in Redding to offer residents and businesses cheap, fast, and reliable internet access. I thank the Council for their support through this process. In June of this year, the City Council approved Phase One and Phase Two of the Redding Master Broadband Plan.

Redding Master Broadband Plan - Phases

  • Installation of 26-mile municipal fiber-ring (approved)
  • Installation of common fiber connections between all city-owned properties/buildings and potential stakeholders (approved)
  • Installation of Pilot - The first area where service will be available to residents and businesses (seeking approval this fall, grant-funded build out, engineering being completed now)
  • Installation of Citywide service (2021-2022)

Benefits to Redding

  • Economic Growth for the 21st Century
  • Critical needs for Public Safety, Health Care, Education, Business Innovation
  • Lower Cost, Faster Speeds
  • High Paying Jobs

A new fiber utility will be a true game changer for the future of our City. I am committed to seeing this vision through so my own children will have the opportunities they need to be successful in the 21st Century Economy.


Bob Brennan

Bob Brennan - Campaign Chair

“I grew up in Redding and work in finance. I am a community volunteer and I know Adam has also spent a tremendous amount of his time volunteering for our community. I know he has the right heart for city leadership and a desire to make our future better. I strongly support his reelection to the Redding City Council in 2020.”

Leah Roadrunner

Leah Roadrunner - Campaign Manager

“I am excited to support Adam McElvain for Redding City Council. Adam’s commitment to public safety and our small business community has been vital for our city. I am grateful for his representation and follow through since his first campaign. This has led me to trust him in a leadership role in our City.”

Jean Hall

Jean Hall - Senior Advisor

“Your vote for Adam is a vote for an honest, caring, considerate, trustworthy, common sense, good listener and most of all, a person who sincerely cares about the future of our community.
 Adam is concerned about the financial situation of our city. His plans are for better public safety, jobs, implementing new technology and taking Redding into a bright and prosperous future. He will protect our community as he protected our nation while serving in the military.”

Ginne Mistal

Ginne Mistal - Volunteer Coordinator

“Adam McElvain has proven through his last four years that the goals he set forth as his platform, have been in place or is working to have them in place. Fiber optic infrastructure is one example. He is pro-active for small businesses, having a positive outlook for the well-being of these businesses and the growth of the City of Redding. Adam is fiscally responsible, looks at long term outcomes, planning for a healthy financial picture. Proud of what he has accomplished and honored to be on Team McElvain.”

Lucky Jesrani

Lucky Jesrani - Communications Director

“I’ve worked as an attorney in Redding since 2005. I’ve volunteered at the Shasta Library Foundation and I’m part of the Redding Rotary. I met Adam at the 20-30 Club and I have personally seen his leadership abilities and his skills in motivating others around him. He has been and will continue to be an excellent council member.”

Shelby Rutledge

Shelby Rutledge - Secretary

“Adam is a man of his word. I appreciate that every promise he made during the previous campaign has been realized. He cares deeply about the community and has worked tirelessly to make Redding a better place to live and work. I support him for Redding City Council.”

Karina C. Lapp

Karina C. Lapp - Treasurer

“My family has been in the Redding area since the 1800’s. I was lucky enough to return after college to start my career as a CPA. My civic interests include school organizations, the Shasta Library, and the Igo/Ono Volunteer Fire Department. Adam has targeted and attainable ideas for growing the Redding community, as well as experience working with City Hall, which is why I support him for a second term on the Redding City Council.”

Cameron Middleton

Cameron Middleton - Senior Advisor

“I was born and raised in Redding and love living here. I have been involved in the community my entire life and always want to see Redding become a better city. I am a member of the Active 20-30 Club, Rotary, and the Asphalt Cowboys. I have worked with Adam on several community and city projects and seen him in action. He takes his role very seriously and has spent the past decade meeting with citizens, business owners, and city leaders. He understands the issues well and will continue to serve us as an excellent City Council Member.”

Ian Stripling

Ian Stripling - Sign Coordinator

“I am a Civil Engineer that grew up in Shingletown and moved to Redding in 2003. I am a baseball coach, member of the 20-30 Club, and serve at the One Safe Place Crab Feed where I am known as ‘Crabby.’ I support Adam’s innovative ideas to boost the Redding economy and his strong support for Public Safety. He also has free sandwiches at his committee meetings!”

Abbey Perry

Abbey Perry – Voter Relations

“I fully support Adam as a candidate in the 2020 election for City Council. Adam has consistently shown his passion for the Redding community and he continually fights for positive change. His efforts on community safety and a thriving local economy promises a brighter future for our city.”

Maria Salas

Maria Salas – Sign Coordinator

“Hello Redding! I am Dr. Maria Salas, D.C. business owner in Redding for 15 years. I am here to help Adam, the only US Veteran sitting on the Redding City Council. I Back the Blue, I support thriving commerce in Redding and surrounding areas. Adam has shown he supports plans to keep us strong and open for business. This is what we want right now. God Bless Redding! And God Bless the United States of America!”

Erik Janiszewski

Erik Janiszewski - Marketing Director

“I support Adam because I believe he has a vision to continue improving our city. He is someone I trust, and I know he wants to do the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people. Right now Redding needs strong leadership more than ever, that is why I am voting for Adam for reelection to the Redding City Council.”


  • Abbey Perry
  • Allen Knott
  • Arthur Smithson
  • Bill & Daphne Kohn
  • Bob & Janice Brennan
  • Bob & Pam Moon
  • Bret & Valda Christensen
  • Brian & Ann Marie Tyrrell
  • Bruce & Joyce Middleton
  • Bruce Blake
  • Bruce Dean
  • Bruce Ross
  • Cameron & Cassie Middleton
  • Chris Corrigan
  • Chris Haedrich
  • Chris Kutras
  • Chuck Byard
  • Curtis Byron
  • Dan Morrow
  • Dana L. Hollmer
  • Daniel Knott
  • Dave & Beth Tappan
  • Dave & Sheri Rutledge
  • Denise P Boehle
  • Dennis & Amelia Ward
  • Dennis Canale
  • Donald Gallino
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Nystrom
  • Dr. Lena Jesrani
  • Dr. Norman Hall
  • Dr. Paul & Jael Mazur
  • Ed Harrison
  • Ed Rullman
  • Eihnard & Suzie Diaz
  • Eva Jimenez
  • Gary Burks
  • Ginne Mistal
  • Grechen Melburg
  • Greg & Kathy Balkovek
  • Greg Dunbar
  • Gregory Alan Boehle
  • Heidi Corrigan
  • Ian Stripling
  • Jacqueline McElvain
  • Jamie Garzot
  • Janet Gallino
  • Jason Dell
  • Jason Eatmon
  • Jean Hall
  • Jeb Allen
  • Jeff Avery
  • Jeff Finck
  • Jim Stoll
  • Jim Zauher
  • Joe & Cathy Kneer
  • Joey & Becky Gartin
  • John & Amanda Hutchings
  • John Wilson
  • Joni Marie Freitas
  • Judy Maxwell
  • Leah Roadrunner
  • Leon & Donna Nelson
  • Les Melburg
  • Lucky & Nayan Jesrani
  • Luke & Meredith Miner
  • Lyle Tullis
  • Marcus & Kelly Partin
  • Margaret Dominici
  • Maria Salas
  • Mark Emmerson
  • Matt & Joy Thayer
  • Matt Morgan
  • Michelle Goedert
  • Mike Ashby
  • Mike & Teri Davis
  • Pat & Bernice Corey
  • Philip Cramer
  • Rachel McVean
  • Ray Thomas
  • Rob & Paula Middleton
  • Rob Innes
  • Robbi Ashby
  • Robbie Clearie
  • Robbie Middleton
  • Robert “Bud” Hancock
  • Rod & Valerie Long
  • Ron & Karina Lapp
  • Russ Wenham
  • Ryan Denham
  • Scot Evanhoe
  • Sen. Maurice & Marianne Johannessen
  • Shelby Rutledge
  • Steve Williams
  • Tiger & Susie Michiels
  • Todd & Ericka Jones
  • Todd & Kristi Davis
  • Tony & Kelli Giovaniello
  • Tony & Rhonda Jaegel
  • Travis & Samantha Klein
  • Tyler & Kristy Lanham
  • Wanda Agostini
  • Will & Kristin McElvain


  • Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers #340
  • K2 Development Companies
  • Laborers Local #185
  • N.E. California Building & Construction Trades Council
  • North State Builds
  • Redding Firefighters Association
  • Shasta Association of Realtors
  • Sierra Pacific Industries

* Partial list



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