I believe in a brighter future!

I am running for Redding City Council because I believe we have a brighter future in front of us. I am a business owner, veteran, father, and husband. I have been attending city council meetings for ten years, and chaired two city commissions. I have also volunteered thousands of hours in our community in numerous leadership positions.

  • Father & Husband
  • Veteran
  • Community Leader
  • Business Owner
  • Simpson Graduate
  • City Commissioner

I was born and raised on a farm in rural Nebraska. I spent fall weekends jarring fruits and vegetables from our garden and summers helping in the cornfields. Farm life teaches you about service and hard work, and I’ve carried those values with me throughout my life.

I went to college in Michigan for two years, and shortly after September 11th, 2001, I joined the United States Air Force. Later, I went on to finish my bachelor’s degree at Simpson University using the GI Bill.

I met my beautiful wife Courtney at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California where she was serving in the Army.

I spent my active duty career serving at the Air Intelligence Agency in San Antonio, Texas. After active duty, I transferred directly into the California Air National Guard and received an honorable discharge from both services.

My wife and I knew that we wanted to settle near one of our families after our service in the military. Our choices were Redding, or going back to Nebraska. We decided to call Redding home. Fast forward and we now have two children, and are happy we made the decision to live in this beautiful community.

I have served as chairman of both the Redding Electric Utility Commission and Community Services Advisory Commission. I am currently the president of Redding School of the Arts Governing Board, and a past president of the Friends of Whiskeytown and the Active 20-30 Club.

I am an owner of Pacific Sky Creative, Inc. As a local business owner, I am familiar with the challenges and opportunities local businesses face.

My entire adult life has been in service to my country, my city, and my community. I want to take that spirit of leadership service to the Redding City Council, and with your help I can. I am committed to a safe and secure city with a thriving modern economy.

I would be honored to have your vote for Redding City Council.

Please join me and vote for a brighter future.

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Civic Service

  • Past Chairman, Community Services Advisory Commission City of Redding
  • Past Chairman, Redding Electric Utility Commission City of Redding
  • President, Redding School of the Arts Governing Board


  • Graduate, Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Arabic School
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Organizational Leadership, Simpson University


  • Past President/Founding Member, Active 20-30 Club of Redding
  • Past President, Friends of Whiskeytown


  • Owner, Board of Directors Treasurer, Pacific Sky Creative, Inc.
  • Founder/Managing Partner, Slomostock, LLC


  • Honorable Discharge, United States Air Force
  • Honorable Discharge, California Air National Guard



Providing a Safe Place for Our Children is Essential

I am committed to stronger public safety. As a veteran, I understand the need for effective law enforcement and a secure community.

Public safety is the number one responsibility of the city to its residents and businesses. I am committed to making sure new city resources are used to boost our efforts for a safer community. Homelessness, mental health, drug abuse, and sex trafficking are all serious concerns of our citizens and I will actively pursue solutions to these issues.

Right now we need a safe and secure city. We need a coordinated effort between the city, county, and nonprofit leadership to help solve the homeless and mental health issues. Our police department needs lower response times, so citizens and businesses know help is on the way. Serious repeat offenders need to be jailed to make our community safer. Those who sell hard drugs to our young people need to know they face serious consequences, and at the same time individuals suffering from addiction need more opportunities for rehabilitation.

  • Lower Response Times - Hire back community service officers to handle low level calls and to support patrol officers.
  • Drug Enforcement/Sex Trafficking - Ensure that both the gang unit task force and the narcotics task force have the resources they need to protect the city from drug dealers, gangs, and sex-trafficking.
  • Mental Health – Ensure all patrol officers are trained in crisis management so those in need of mental health services can find the help they need instead of going to jail.
  • Homelessness – Coordinate and collaborate with the county and non-profit community to find effective solutions to address homelessness.

Public safety is our most critical issue, and the future health and success of our city depends on it. I am committed to a safer and more secure city for our residents, businesses, and for our children.


Redding Needs Better Jobs; This is How

I am committed to a stronger economy. As a business owner, I am familiar with the opportunities and challenges that businesses face in Redding. I want to help create a more business-friendly environment, more living-wage and high-paying jobs, and attract new businesses to Redding.

We also need to create more opportunity for our young people to start their own businesses in Redding. I have proposed concrete tangible solutions to develop a strong modern economy in our city. This is vital for our economic success, and it is a long-term strategy to ensure we have a more secure future.

  • Foster a business-friendly environment at all levels of city government
  • Take action on concrete tangible solutions to foster job creation
  • Focus on sectors that create living-wage and high-paying jobs
  • Make Redding a competitive 21st-century city

Our challenges today are important, but I am also committed to a long-term strategy for the future economic success of our city.


High Speed Internet will bring High-Paying Jobs to Redding

For nearly a century, our electric utility has served as one of the most important economic drivers that our city offers to its citizens and businesses, and I know we can do the same thing with the internet. Last year alone, our electric utility saved our city $30 million on electricity, from what electricity costs in the county.

I want to start an Internet Utility.

Rather than start with city-wide internet services, I want to start with a “pilot” phase downtown. This will help revitalize downtown and give Redding a competitive edge in drawing businesses and young professionals to our area.

By creating our own internet utility, we can:

  • Create new businesses and high-paying jobs
  • Greatly reduce the cost of internet service while drastically improving internet speeds
  • Become a magnet in the region for new businesses and increase our national profile in the tech industry
  • Draw young professionals to the downtown area, where they can live and work
  • Give downtown a powerful economic boost. A healthier downtown makes for a healthier city.

I have no interest in the government competing with the private sector, but last spring the FCC reclassified internet providers as a basic utility service. This means that the internet is now like electricity, water, or natural gas. We need to start looking at the internet as a basic utility service.

Publicly owned internet utilities are popping up all over the country to huge success, with nearly 500 nationwide. The success of creating an internet utility lies in the fact that by using fiber optic lines, at gigabit speeds, you can drastically increase internet bandwidth and at the same time significantly reduce costs. This will create a huge draw for businesses, and a substantial benefit for residents.

I am committed to bringing ultra-fast internet access to our downtown at prices every business and resident can afford.


Redding Needs Solar; This is Why

The time is now for the city council to set proactive policy on solar power. We live in the 2nd sunniest city in the country and we own our own electric utility. Right now Redding produces less than one-percent of its power from solar, yet the solar industry is growing 12 times faster than the overall economy.

Today Redding has 24 solar companies with hundreds of employees and I am committed to doubling this workforce over the next five years. I want to further streamline the permitting process, create more friendly solar policy, and engage in private-public partnerships. We need more rooftop solar, more community solar projects, and potentially utility grade solar.

Clean energy is now mandated by the state of California. We can comply with California’s mandates, and stabilize our electric rates by converting to more solar power over the coming years.

The federal government has extended solar tax credits until 2021, and the price of solar panels are expected to drop in cost another 40% over the next 2-3 years.

Pursuing more solar power will:

  • Create more living wage jobs
  • Allow businesses and residents to save money on their electricity costs
  • Turn our sun into profits for future generations
  • Meet the requirements of the California Mandates
  • Create a more sustainable future for our city

Years ago our city fathers had the insight to capitalize on the river running through the middle of town for cheap electricity, now it is time for us to capitalize on the immense amount of sun pouring down on our city. I am committed to more solar power in Redding.


Bob Brennan

Bob Brennan - Campaign Chair

“I grew up in Redding and work in finance. I am a community volunteer and I know Adam has also spent a tremendous amount of his time volunteering for our community. I know he has the right heart for city leadership and a desire to make our future better.”

Todd Davis

Todd Davis - Campaign Manager

“I’m happy to be a Redding native and to have the opportunity to raise my children here. I’m a business owner and an active community member. I’m a United Way Board Member and have enjoyed serving on the CASA Superhero Run Committee. I am supporting Adam McElvain because I am convinced that his forward-looking, progressive vision provides the best chance to enact meaningful improvements in the way our city works.”

Jean Hall

Jean Hall - Senior Advisor

“I’m originally from Canada and moved to Redding in 1977. I’m a Realtor and an active community member with an interest in safety and legislation. I support Adam’s common sense goals for Redding, and I believe his ideas will result in a bright and prosperous future for our area.”

Ginne Mistal

Ginne Mistal - Volunteer Coordinator

“I came to America from Canada and have lived in Redding since 1981. My husband and I owned a local business for 24 years. I am an active community member and have volunteered at a number of organizations. I’ve known Adam for 10 years and I see a young man with integrity, who is honest and has a genuine interest for the well-being of Redding. I believe that Adam sees the potential for economic development and brings solutions to the challenges that we face as a community.”

Lucky Jesrani

Lucky Jesrani - Communications Director

“I’ve worked as an attorney in Redding since 2005. I’ve volunteered at the Shasta Library Foundation and I’m part of the Redding Rotary. I met Adam at the 20-30 Club and I have personally seen his leadership abilities and his skills in motivating others around him. He will be an excellent council member.”

Shelby Rutledge

Shelby Rutledge - Secretary

“I was born and raised in Redding. As the COO of the Community Revitalization and Development Corporation I understand that Redding faces several unique challenges. Adam understands those challenges and his ideas to foster growth are phenomenal. Adam’s commitment to the future of Redding is incredibly strong and he would be wonderful asset to the Redding City Council.”

Karina C. Lapp

Karina C. Lapp - Treasurer

“My family has been in the Redding area since the 1800’s. I was lucky enough to return after college to start my career as a CPA. My civic interests include school organizations, the Shasta Library, and the Igo Ono Volunteer Fire Department. Adam has targeted and attainable ideas for growing the Redding community, as well as experience working with City Hall, which is why I support him for Redding City Council.”

Cameron Middleton

Cameron Middleton - Senior Advisor

“I was born and raised in Redding and love living here. I have been involved in the community my entire life and always want to see Redding become a better city. I am a member of the Active 20-30 Club, Rotary, and the Asphalt Cowboys. I have worked with Adam on several community and city projects and seen him in action. He takes his role very seriously and has spent the past decade meeting with citizens, business owners, and city leaders. He understands the issues well and will serve us as an excellent City Council Member.”

Ian Stripling

Ian Stripling - Sign Coordinator

“I am a Civil Engineer that grew up in Shingletown and moved to Redding in 2003. I am a baseball coach, member of the 20-30 Club, and serve at the One Safe Place Crab Feed where I am known as ‘Crabby.’ I support Adam’s innovative ideas to boost the Redding economy. He also has free sandwiches at his committee meetings!”

Todd Jones

Todd Jones - Event Coordinator

“I moved to Redding with my family in 2006. I am currently President of the 20-30 Club. I believe that Adam is part of the next generation of Redding leadership. He offers sensible solutions to the challenges we face and I believe he can move our city in the right direction.”

Lewis Chamberlain

Lewis Chamberlain - Fundraising Director

“I grew up in Ferndale and moved to Redding with my wife, Heidi, because we love the close-knit community. I served on the UPrep Board, and am currently on the Redding Youth Lacrosse Board. As an investment advisor and business owner I value a pro-business candidate. Adam’s ideas will help create jobs that will attract and retain the talent our community needs to thrive.”

Bret Christensen

Bret Christensen - Marketing Director

“I’ve lived in Redding for seven years, and serve as president on the board of a local foster home agency and as a deacon for my church. Adam and I are partners in a local marketing company, and I get to witness Adam’s integrity and creative solutions to the challenges we face on a daily basis. I’m pleased to support Adam because I know that with his leadership Redding will be a better place for my business and my family.”


  • Al & Ginne Mistal
  • Amber Imlach
  • Andrea Barnett
  • Andy Main
  • Arch Pugh
  • Art & Denise Smithson
  • Betty Fitzpatrick
  • Bob & Janice Brennan
  • Bob & Shirley Penkiivich
  • Bonnie & Jim Sharp
  • Brandon Little
  • Bret & Valda Christensen
  • Bruce Blake
  • Bruce & Joyce Middleton
  • Cameron & Cassie Middleton
  • Chris Dell
  • Chris Haedrich
  • Chris & Heidi Corrigan
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  • Dave & Shari Rutledge
  • Dave Jacobs
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  • Dennis Canale
  • Donald Gallino
  • Donna Lee-Pruett
  • Doug & Kim Pattison
  • Dr. Daniel Berger
  • Dr. Glenn Schaefer
  • Dr. John Pruett
  • Dr. Lena Jesrani
  • Dr. Paul Davis
  • Dr. Robin Dummer
  • Dugan Barr
  • Eihnard & Suzie Diaz
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  • Jerry & Elly Nystrom
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  • Judy Maxwell
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  • Sandra Downs
  • Sarah Beck
  • Sarah Dickerson
  • Shelly & Bruce Farrell
  • Steve Carlton
  • Susan Bisetti
  • Suzanne Birch
  • Tami Gerhard
  • Tim McLean
  • Todd & Ericka Jones
  • Todd & Kristi Davis
  • Tom & Gerry Spade
  • Tyler Lanham
  • Wanda Agostini
  • Will & Kristin McElvain

* Partial list